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+ Day 01: San Pedro Sula / Copán Ruins

Reception at the International Airport of San Pedro Sula (Ramon Villeda Morales) and transfer to Copán Ruins. Overnight in Copan

+ Day 02: Copán Ruins

Breakfast and transfer to the Main Archaeological Site, the Acropolis, the Ball Court, the Hieroglyphic Stairway and the Great Plaza of the Stelae; as well as the Museum of Mayan Sculpture, acclaimed by experts as unique in the Mayan World. A masterpiece within the museum is the exact size replica of the famed Rosalila Temple, discovered in 1989. In the afternoon, you will have the choice between two tours:

1) Hacienda San Lucas this restored 100 year old farmhouse you will relax enjoying some breathtaking lovely views of town and the valley while enjoying a refreshing cold beverage or a savory cup of Honduran coffee you will take a horse back riding or hiking where you will visit the small archaeological site known as Los Sapos.


2) Macaw Mountain Bird Park, is an innovative tropical bird reserve in Copán Ruins that cares for rescued and endangered birds of the American tropics. It offers a first class experience in an unspoiled part of the world. Here you learn about and interact with the intelligent, colorful birds of Central America. Overnight in Copán.

+ Day 03: Copan Ruins / Santa Rosa de Copan / Gracias

Breakfast and departure to Santa Rosa de Copan. On the way, you will stop at Finca Santa Isabel for the Copan Coffee Tour. Here you will hike downhill through nice trails and see with your own eyes the process of growing, harvesting and roasting coffee, the traditional shaded grown way, from the plant nursery to the last processing of the coffee beans. You will have lunch at a nice venue within the forest, close to a small waterfall. After lunch, transfer to Santa Rosa de Copan were you will visit a Cigar Factory where famous Honduran cigars ranked 3rd in the world are produced. Here the whole process of producing cigars can be observed. Then we will continue to Gracias, Lempira. Overnight in Gracias, Lempira.

+ Day 04: Gracias, Lempira

After breakfast you will have the choice between two tours:

1) Extreme Canopy Tour, Canopy La Campa is the highest and longest in Central America; consists of 6 lines of wire rope with 600 meters of length and 200 meters of height in one of his sections.


2) Celaque National Park , It includes Honduras tallest peak, called Cerro Las Minas or Pico Celaque, which reaches approximately 2,870 metres (9,416 ft) above mean sea level. The park is classified as a cloud forest with a mean precipitation of 1,600 mm at lower altitudes and a mean of 2,400 mm at higher altitudes. In the afeternoon we will visit the San Cristobal Fort known as a military building, it is located geostrategically in the hilltop of San Cristobal of the City of Gracias, Lempira, allowing a full view of the city and the valley. Later in the afternoon we will take you to relax your body to the hotsprings Termas del Rio were you will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits and healing properties of the famous thermal waters whose temperature ranges between 40 ° C and 48 ° C, which ensures a unique feeling of tranquility and peace. Overnight in Gracias, Lempira.

+ Day 5: Gracias / La Esperanza / Yojoa Lake

After breakfast, we will travel to La Esperanza that’s located about 1,600 meters over the sea level. Due to this altitude the climate is very cool, thus making it the ideal place for growing vegetables and fruits. La Esperanza is one of the few places in Honduras where the culture of the Lencas is still alive. You will have time enough to get to know their way of living and to observe how they produce their typical clothes. Today, you will visit la Casa de la Cultura and a beautiful Bosque Enano (forest with small trees). Then we will transfer to Yojoa lake but in our way we will stop at Taulabé Caves, part of a natural cave system that spreads throughout the municipality of Taulabé. As with most caves, the inside of Taulabé is moist and warm. Thanks to the light fixtures that have been installed, visitors can enjoy an almost magical scene where admiration for nature merges with silent respect. Overnight in Yojoa Lake.

+ Day 6: Yojoa Lake / Pullapanzak waterfalls / San Pedro Sula

After breakfast we will take a boat tour in a natural lake in Honduras. World famous for its black bass fishing, offers a unique scenery, a cool climate for a refreshing change from the hot lowlands of the north coast. Lake Yojoa offers some of the best bird watching opportunities in the country. In the afternoon we will visit the beautiful Pullapanzak Waterfalls, located a short 30 minutes ride from the lake. We will have time for swimming and bird watching. Then we will travel to San Pedro Sula. Overnight in San Pedro Sula.

+ Day 7: San Pedro Sula

Transfer to the airport to take flight back to your country.