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Enjoy It Central America

Discover our 5 themed destination types

Enjoy the natural phenomena that are part of the physical universe as volcanoes, rivers, lakes, lagoons and tropical forests and everything related to living organisms such as Flora and Fauna within ecosystems that make up the planet. Admire them in a spectacular viewpoint in a park wildlife refuge, walking through quiet trails or selecting your coffee seeds on a sow of coffee plantation to prepare your own coffee, paddling in a kayak, feeling waterfalls or swimming in hot springs, you decide!
Enjoy the culture of colonial towns where you can see the area of historic centers with artistic cobblestones of small roads, the typical structure of the houses, the special gastronomy, handicrafts representing the most significant of the culture and demonstrations of how to prepare the same or even witness a ceremony of existing indigenous people who still live in the villages. These are characteristic experiences of our live towns you cannot miss!
Enjoy the archaeological culture, science that studies ancient societies like the Mayan world, from researching their material remains. Through analysis of objects and those works built by the ancient peoples, this science can reach conclusions about their culture and their lifestyles. Learn about all of this in the different museums and archaeological parks we have in our region!
Enjoy this natural beauty and relax in the beautiful Caribbean beaches with crystal clear water, fine white sand and calm waves with a cocktail of coconut ice cold water or you get on a kayak for a ride around the island. If you like more action and dynamism of the Pacific Ocean enjoy sea battle with the swing of strong waves and exercise for a bit and then rest with a delightful cocktail or seafood soup which is iconic of the place!
Enjoy adventures with exciting and controlled risks escalating an extremely high or active volcano, white water rafting in raging rivers or surfing in rough waves, diving among coral reefs and marine animals, do extreme water sports, fly on a canopy or paragliding between tropical forests horseback riding on trails and mountain coffee plantations. Dare to enjoy your 5 senses in the highest expression of adventure in touch of nature!