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Enjoy It Central America
+ Day 01: Guatemala City / Antigua Guatemala

Reception at the international airport of Guatemala city (La Aurora) and transfer to Antigua Guatemala. Overnight in Antigua Guatemala.

+ Day 02: Antigua Guatemala

We will visit to the most important and significant attractions of the city including Antigua’s most beautiful churches, monasteries, convents, and the cultural center. Antigua is among the world’s best conserved colonial cities. It is a magical and captivating small town that will make you feel time stopped some 300 years ago. From its colonial architecture to its beautiful surroundings; strolling through town on the cobbled streets, you will experience the splendors of ancient times. In the afternoon visit San Antonio Aguascalientes, where you will get to visit a great diversity of handicrafts. Overnight in Antigua Guatemala.

+ Day 03: Antigua Guatemala / Pacaya Volcano / Antigua Guatemala

We will visit the most active volcano in Guatemala, its 2500 mts. above the sea; the environment is formed by humid forest and rocks. This is one of the most exciting experiences in Guatemala, where you will enjoy from impressive views of the lagoon of Calderas and other three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango and landscapes as if you were on the moon. It is readily accessible and you don’t need to be in good shape to climb it, however you need to wear good hiking boots and wear long pants. Free Afternoon. Overnight in Antigua Guatemala.

+ Day 04: Antigua / Chichicastenango / Panajachel

We will transfer to Chichicastenango’s market, the most colorful and exciting place in the Mayan Highlands and the only place in Guatemala of 100% Quiché population. Admire the historical and mystic Church of Santo Tomás, where the Mayan bible was discovered. Be the witness of Mayan ceremonies inside the church, where you can presence their gifts to the Mayan God’s. Transfer to Panajachel. Overnight in Panajachel.

+ Day 05: Panajachel / San Juan La Laguna & Santiago de Atitlán / Guatemala City

We will take a boat tour to Atitlán Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The word “Atitlán” is a Mayan word that translates as “the place where the rainbow gets its colors”. Panajachel is an 800 year old town of about 14000 people, mostly Kaqchikel Mayas and some foreigners from every corner of the globe, living inside that rainbow. Upon arrival discover the magic that surrounds all its greatness while taking a boat to cross the Lake and visit two different Tzutuhil Villages. We will visit a small town around the lake, where you’ll be able experience the Mayan culture to the purest. Then transfer to Santiago where you will visit the confraternity of the local saint named Maximon or Ri Laj Mam, visited by different people of different ethnicities who come to ask health and prosperity in their lives. Transfer back to Panajachel and then to Guatemala City. Overnight in Guatemala City.

+ Day 06: Guatemala City / Quiriguá / Rio Dulce

We will travel to the archaeological site of Quiriguá known for the tallest stelae in the Mayan World. The name “Quiriguá” is modern and taken from the name of a nearby town. This site is best known for the excellent stelae and zoomorphs found here. It is very important to show Stela “C” which talks about the start of the fifth Maya cycle that began some 3,000 years before Christ until December 21<sup>st</sup> 2012. The end of the Mayan Calendar gives emphasis to the Maya civilization and the world. When finished we will transfer to Rio Dulce. Overnight in Rio Dulce.

+ Day 07: Río Dulce / Livingston / Rio Dulce

Time to enjoy a boat trip from Río Dulce to Livingston, which is a river running from Lake Izabal, in the eastern part of Guatemala, to the Carribean. On the way visit to the Isle of Birds and the Ak-Tenamit Project, that is a Kekchi origin population. Then the excitement continues with a half an hour stop in the area of hot waters, near the entrance of the canyon of Río Dulce. At the end of the journey the river mouth will reach the Caribbean Sea “La Buga” Livingston, a population of African origin that was originally called La Buga which means La Boca. Livingston is a fun and interesting Carribean town that is populated by the Garífuna people of African origin with a laid-back C arribean attitude, their own language (though they tend to speak Spanish and English as well), and a style of dancing known as “Punta” that requires the hips to move faster than lightening. Transfer to Rio Dulce. Overnight in Rio Dulce.

+ Day 08: Rio Dulce / Guatemala City

Transfer from your hotel in Rio Dulce to Guatemala City and visit the “Palacio Nacional”, “Metropolitan Cathedral”, “Centro Cívico” and central market. Visit to the “Popol Vuh” Museum in the Francisco Marroquin University.  Transfer to the handicraft market to make some shopping. Overnight in Guatemala City.

+ Day 09: Guatemala City

Transfer to the airport to take flight back to your country.